ana kala

' ... Speaking in broad terms, we can say with certainty that Ana Kalas works represent a fine example of Abstract Expressionism. Within this wider framework, one can detect the influence of the so called action painting (visual reflections of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Petar Mazev) in her works, which are dominated by figurative or associative elements that Ana uses for creating a very intimate art experience with meaningful interpretations, relying on intuitive painting methodolog)i,n the process. Scenes in Ana s paintings offer an array of biomorphic associative elements (resembling single-celled and multiple-celled organisms) as well as motives that one can associate with microcosmic organic landscapes, human organs even. They serve as a testament to Kalas innovative approach that enlightens us by revealing the relation between the unconscious richness of paintings with the conscious spontaneous expression of the same ... '

Robert Cvetkovski, Art Historian and Art Critic