Recently reflecting on over two decades of painting, I look back at my creative development and exploration and I find myself focusing on the origins of my Creature (or Creatures). In my latest paintings I show these Creature/s in a more direct, bold and almost childlike manner.
The Genesis phase depicts the Creature that appeared in my dream over 20 years ago. In the paintings “Consolation” (2003) and later in “Wandering Soul” (2015) and “Scattered Inclinations” (2015) the Creature is part of a relationship or journey where it is telling its own story and revealing its world to the artist/viewer. In some later paintings my Creature comes back and speaks of a world of possibilities and a parallel world, perhaps pointing to a somewhat alien conception of the inner spiritual space. Ultimately, my Creature is alone, even when surrounded by wind, trees, planets, objects or other Creatures. The journey is lonely. But the journey is also peaceful and quiet.